‘Three Chess Moves Ahead’

Douglas Wilson | Desiring God

Doug Wilson: “Don’t take the bait!”

(Thanks to Susan for this.)

Doug Wilson has a pithy essay, Three Chess Moves Ahead (https://dougwils.com/books-and-culture/s7-engaging-the-culture/three-chess-moves-ahead.html) in which he warns of an active plot to subvert and take over our country.

It’s not a conspiracy theory when you can point to real people doing real things, bad things, and say “See what they’re doing!”

He thinks a certain element of our country’s, er, “leadership” is looking to pick a fight with the American people, to goad us into some ill-advised, dramatic but ineffective actions which will them justify “a draconian overreaction on stilts and steroids.” Sort of like the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the capitol. They’re going out of their way to provoke us, he says, so they can then crush us. His advice, repeated often: “Don’t take the bait.”

Wilson thinks it would be a very great deal harder to cheat in the midterm elections than in the presidential election, and that the 2022 midterms our our best hope of taking back our country. But we have to get there safely first. Democrats will be highly motivated to do things to upset the midterms.

It’s sort of a long essay, with a lot of quotable quotes, and well worth reading.

Let me know what you think of it.

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  1. I’ve read the whole thing, and it’s a very good analysis. In fact, I’ve been saying similar things all along — which may be why I think it’s such a good analysis, but never mind that. 🙂 I’ve also begun pointing out something else along the same lines, something that’s still being done with the covid scare and the “vaccine” mandate, a mandate that I see not just as a development from the original scare but also as a prep for the next scare. Two points:

    1. From what the samizdat has managed to tell us before being silenced, the next flu season will bring terrible results to people who’ve been jabbed, either in antibody overloads or in other ways that I won’t go into here. (You can still find a lot of it in online samizdat, including some articles in NWV.) Then the resultant illnesses and deaths will be attributed to a new superdeadly “variant” and everything will be locked down again. This should be timed so that the mail-in ballots can be prepared and (a) distributed to everyone including the neighborhood vagrants, and (b) pre-marked and held in warehouses to supplement legitimate ballots if necessary. This will not be an accident. The jab mandates are far too rigorous and urgent for that.

    2. The next point is a little less obvious. The mandate among health workers is causing at least 25% of health workers to resign or be fired rather than take the jab, and in some places the rate is almost 50%. This leaves medical facilities vastly understaffed. Therefore, there will be more and more reports of medical facilities being “overwhelmed,” with the condition being attributed to an increase of patients rather than a decrease in staff. Emergency! Crisis! Fifteen days to flatten the curve! Trigger the mail-in ballots….

    2a (because an extension of #2). With the understaffing of medical facilities, people with other kinds of ailments will be turned away (as usual), and their resultant deaths will be labeled covid deaths (as usual). The hideous escalation of fatalities attributed to covid will add to the need for shutdowns and mail-in voting, emergency changes in ballot counting, etc., etc., etc., and repeat from last year.

    As you can tell, I’m very concerned about the vaxx mandates on health care workers, more so than I’ve been hearing elsewhere — not just the effect on the workers (although my best friend’s daughter is having to quit her nursing job this month) or even on the patients who’ll get less care, but also on the whole subjugation agenda being carried on. The push is coming from too many different directions, with too many different tie-ins.

    Maybe we have to stay **four** chess moves ahead. And I don’t even play chess.

    1. I’m concerned that suddenly we have no legislation and it’s all mandates, one after another. This is not how our republic is supposed to operate.

    2. When incumbents see how easy it is to get people to obey irrational mandates, they may decide to pass such legislation in order to keep their jobs.

      Hey, maybe I should reconsider my dislike of chess. 😉

  2. There’s no doubt they are trying to goad the patriotic American public into open conflict. I do think they want a civil war, although they might want to be careful what they wish for. I also suspect we will see false flags to justify their power grab. I don’t think winning elections is enough anymore to turn the tide. It’s the difference between going off the cliff at full speed and going off the cliff at 20 mph. The result is still the same. There’s a whole entire evil system that needs to come crashing down for true change to happen. That is something that only God can accomplish and I still believe he has something planned. I just don’t know the how or when of it, but I do have some ideas.

  3. Sorry, I have to admit I didn’t carefully read every line of the article. I knew what he was getting at right away, so I skipped the rest. I have read about this stuff for at least 50 years or so. I knew it was coming, just didn’t know how soon, how drastic, or who would be the puppets who were used by the puppeteers in the background. This plan has been in operation by the same drivers, using slightly different tactics, backing off at times, then going underground with some new ones. Basically, it is orchestrated by the enemy who thinks he should be god and he is patient, clever and knows how to manipulate humans who will allow him to do so.

  4. I will only state this. Whatever loyal Americans do next, must be lawful. If we are reduced to acting badly, then the opposition has already won, because they have made us compromise our ethics. We can stand our ground, but rash acts only serve to feed the cause of destroying this nation.

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