AOC Update: Free Tickets!

US representative AOC wears Tax The Rich dress to Met Gala 2021. Internet  reacts - Trending News News

How wonderful it is to be a Congresswoman!

How do you get into a $30,000-a-ticket gala on a Congresswoman’s salary?

Well, Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez solved that problem by accepting free tickets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s recent exhibition of conspicuous consumption. She has since been made the subject of an ethics complaint (

And how do you afford at $30,000 gown for the occasion, on a Congresswoman’s salary?

Do like O’Crazy-O: “Dress is borrowed!” she explained.

I believe the part about the free tickets. Members of Congress are always scrounging freebies.

I don’t believe the borrowed dress. Like, how would we know if she ever gave it back? She didn’t say borrowed from whom. “Hey, cuz, I got a little party I’m goin’ to on Thursday night–d’ya think I could borrow that ‘Tax the Rich’ dress of yours?” “What, this ole thing? It cost me $30,000 and I think I only wore it once. Of course you can borrow it!”

Rich Congresswomen can live with sky-high taxes… when they’re getting everything for free.

The rest of us don’t have that luxury.

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