What? A Newswithviews Column?

Understand Me If You Can – Rulla Alani

I have to write this week’s Newswithviews column, like, now… Only what should I write about? I was too sick yesterday even to think about it. I’m somewhat better today, but way behind in my work.

So what’ll it be? (And hurry up about it!) Parents actually sending their kids back to public school, in spite of all they’ve heard about it lately? Like, y’know, California schools teaching kids to worship Aztec gods.

Or maybe Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez showing up at a $30,000-a-ticket New York gala wearing an ugly $34,000 dress with a slogan in barn paint, “Tax the Rich.”  We still don’t know whether she paid to get in.

Whatever I decide, I have to start writing it toot-sweet. So if you’ve got any suggestions or encouragements (which I can always use!), let’s have ’em now.

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