Here’s My Podcast: ‘Does Technology Make Us Smarter?’

(Hint: No. Absolutely not.)

Here’s the interview I did with Andrea Schwartz for her “Out of the Question” series. We’re talking about The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein.

Let’s face it: public education has always been a loser. “One size fits all” just doesn’t work for humans or any other living things. But now, with the social media and smartphones and stupidphones added to the mix, it’s worse than ever. By several orders of magnitude.

So we’re talking it over, and here it is for your edification and enjoyment.

I have ideal voice for print, don’t I?

7 comments on “Here’s My Podcast: ‘Does Technology Make Us Smarter?’

  1. It wouldn’t open for me. That is no surprise since I am having a lot of computer problems lately. I’ll leave it up here and see if it will work later.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with your computer, Erlene–I forgot to type in the link. That sound you hear in the background is me gnashing my teeth.

  2. I have seen 5 or more young people in our living-room, all talking to someone on their cell phone, but not saying a word to anyone in the room. I think it is rude when I am talking to someone, and they just grab their cell phone and begin to talk with whoever just called, without so much as sorry, I need to take this call.

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