‘He Hideth My Soul’

A classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, published 1890, performed on a beach in Hawaii by students from Fountainview Academy–He Hideth My Soul. 

Look how clean and clear the water is! Just as God made it.

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  1. Suffering for Jesus in Hawaii 🙂 I like watching the Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum P.I. TV shows just to take in the scenery. My older cousin has lived in “paradise” for decades. I have an open invitation to visit her any time but still have never made it (yet).

  2. I like this video. Nice background, hearing the waves…

    “thewhiterrabbit2016” Now, would not be a good time to visit, with all the covid nonsense and lock-downs going on.

    In 2002 I got to spend 5 days with my younger son and daughter on the big island. We landed at Kona, located on the west side. Surprisingly, only 5” of rain fall a year on this part of the island. In the city of Hilo, situated on the east coast, they receive over 180” of rain each year. We took the 12-hour tour of the island, and stopped at a macadamia nut shop, a black sand beach, orchid nursery, water fall, coffee plantation, took a hike through an old lava tube, and seen many other sites and wonderful scenery. Wonderful place, just so beautiful…if you can visit, do so. But it was so very expensive (got a great deal from AAA travel agency for lodgings and airfare).

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      Bloody machines…

    2. Glad its going through but I know wordpress did eat up some of my comments since people told me today it was in spam and pending filter

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