Australia: King COVID Forever?

Looks like no one’s going to the opera house.

Gasp! Australia, population 25 million-plus, just topped 100,000 “cases” of COVID, whatever a “case” is. That means 1 out of 250 people is a “case.”

Well, the government of New South Wales has some more stern measures in mind. They plan to “gradually” restore lost freedoms, Oct. 11-Dec. 1–but only for those who’ve been “vaccinated” ( [I put “vaccinated” in quotes because this is an experimental drug different from traditional vaccines.]

If you’re not “vaccinated,” warns the premier, you’re going to have “a difficult life” and suffer permanent “social isolation” even after the lockdowns are over. And they’re going to get the private sector to enforce it for them. That’ll fix you! By exercising ordinary common-sense prudence in the midst of pandemonium, you have become an Enemy of the People, like, forever.

How shallow are the roots of liberty! How easily uprooted is the tree! All it took was one new disease–very possibly brewed up by Communist China on purpose–with a survival rate of over 99%, to stampede the nations of the Western world into the corrals built for them by a globalist elite.

See how easily we surrender the liberties that our fathers and grandfathers fought for, died for, bled for. (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! They gave me a donut!”)

We can only pray that God will intervene, and save us.

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  1. We don’t have to look to Australia to find that kind of thing. the Biden administration is setting up the same thing here in the USA. Not vaxxed, no job. Not vaxxed, no admission to anything. All being done through OSHA regulations and fines. Furthermore, buried in one of the who-knows-how-many-trillions-of-dollars legislative monstrosities going through Congress is a LAW imposing fines up to $700,000 on companies that don’t require employees and/or customers to be jabbed.

    Some people are saying that such regulations and laws will never hold up in the courts. But these days, we can’t be sure of that — and besides, by the time lawsuits work their way through the court system, the companies will be bankrupt anyway, and millions of people will be out of work.

    Mark of the Beast, anyone?

  2. And now, I have just read an article saying there is another new variant named lambda. It never ends. This one, if I remember right, started in South America. It is said to be much worse that the last “variant”. Oh, boy, it never ends. My trust is in the Lord, our healer. “By His stripes, we WERE healed.”

  3. It is obvious that a one-world gov’t conspiracy is no longer a conspiracy because it is right out in the open for all to see. Why are all these nations working in sync with each other? There are forces behind the scenes (a Deep State behind the Deep State) in control of most of the world’s wealth pulling the strings. Their motto is “Build Back Better” as they use Covid-19 for their global reset. And what is fraudulent biden and his administration’s motto? “Build Back Better.’ We are in total need of our God to intervene and expose the lies and reveal the truth that will set the nations of the world free

  4. I am encouraged that you have identified the tricky word “case” that is being thrown around. A positive swab test (and artificially amplified at that) is not a “case”. Yet this scare tactic has most of the world terrified into giving up their liberties.

    I try to explain this to people by pointing out that if I swabbed their nose, I could find lots of bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and virus particles but unless the person is actually sick, the organisms are just there for the ride. They aren’t doing any harm and there aren’t enough of them to make anyone else sick either. For respiratory illness, only sick people have enough organisms being replicated to be contagious. This is something that has been known since the time of Hippocrates, but our modern world seems to have lost its collective mind.

    1. I’ve tried to do the same thing — i.e., explain to people that “asymptomatic” means “not sick,” not enough viral load to make anyone sick. Then they say, “But you can still spread it to others,” and I say, “And they also won’t get sick because there’s not enough to make anyone sick.” But it’s hopeless. People have been trained to drink the Kool-Aid, sip by sip.

    2. Their wonderfully loose definition of “a case” allows them to inflate the COVID numbers and scare people into submission.

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