‘California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment’ (2017)

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Once you’re caught in a tar pit, there’s no getting out.

I don’t know how this story turned out. You had some 140 women signing a statement that they’d been sexual harassed–even chased into the rest rooms–by Democrat big shots in the California state house… and then the story, well, went away.

California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment

Let’s simplify things. If you’re a big-deal Democrat who DOES NOT sexually harass anyone, yell “Here!”

[Silence ensues. I was afraid of that.]

So that’s another store Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media burked–sort of like one of those after-birth abortions that Democrats are so fond of. We used to call those infanticide.

Very little good can come from or to a country ruled by people like this.

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  1. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen on a smaller scale, in workplaces where sexual harassment is against the rules, but certain positions of power seem to be exempted when it comes to enforcing these rules.

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