Phoney Veep and Phoney Children

Kamala Harris hired child actors to be part of her widely-mocked NASA space  video | Daily Mail Online

Whatever this woman has, I hope it’s not contagious.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all; just when you think even Democrats can’t sink any lower… along comes something like this.

“Get Curious” is a NASA video featuring the amoeba, Kamala Harris, and–supposedly!–a lot of enthusiastic kiddies from all over the country. These kids are really cute!

All five are professional child actors who auditioned for “Get Curious.” One of ’em was in another political video with M. Obama earlier this year.

For cryin’ out loud! If you must manipulate us using children, at least do us the courtesy of using real children! Not actors speaking lines.

I know, I know–every time the school budget’s in trouble, they trot out all these weird kids who get all weepy about their poor teachers having to go on strike, boo-hoo, to protect their retirement on full pay and benefits at 55, etc., etc. To Democrats, children are props to be used in staged events. Then they eat them.

So we’ve got this supposed spokesman for NASA–he’s probably an actor, too–opening the program with this twaddle: “I challenge you… I challenge you… to go outside and look at the moon!” Like he’s gotta double-dog dare us to look at the moon? Who writes this schiff?

Our country’s enemies see these videos. They know characters like Kamala Harris are in our government.

That’s why they’re so sure they can kick sand in our faces.

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  1. Everything about this regime is fake and manufactured.

    Did you see they built a phony WH set for Biden right across the street from the real thing?

    1. Something must be done about this. But our education system has imbued too many people with a desire to live their whole lives as wards of the state. In return for abject obedience, they get security.

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