Antidote! ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’

No, it’s not too early for a Christmas hymn! In fact, if you’ve read the previous post and seen that appalling video, there couldn’t be a better time for this–O Come, All Ye Faithful by the Kings College Choir at Cambridge University. And if I were to try to speak out loud just now, I’d burst into tears.

No, the devils haven’t won! Yes, they’re running wild just now, unrestrained in their wickedness, preying on the people they ought to protect: but Jesus Christ has come into the world, and will come again; and He will save us. In fact He’s here already, never farther than a prayer away.

It’s never too early for that.

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  1. Yes, If He were not with us, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, life would be impossible. He will never leave us or forsake us. Praising Him is the right thing to do.

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