Facebook: ‘Journalists’ (LOL) Now a ‘Protected Class’

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Will they censor happy puppies, too?

Facebook has decided to make “journalists”–and some “activists,” too–a “protected class,” shielded, they say, from “harassment and bullying” (https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62614).

That means the, um, “journalists” can write and publish anything they want about anybody–but no one will be allowed to return the favor. Facebook’s “global safety chief” (aw, gimme a break!) says they’ve got to protect them from people who say mean things about them.

We have never in our history seen such shabby, slanted, stupid, careless nooze reporting as we see today. No one has damaged the journalists’ reputation anywhere near as much as the journalists themselves. But look, it’s getting too hot in the kitchen, and the noozies just can’t take it. So Facebook will protect them. Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media deserve protection!

Maybe Facebook ought to buy them some Play-Doh, too.

5 comments on “Facebook: ‘Journalists’ (LOL) Now a ‘Protected Class’

  1. So, let me make sure I am getting this. The Internet was a wonderful innovation, because it equalized the access of anyone to publish and share their ideas. But, sometimes, when people freely share their views, there are people whom feel offended, so now the facilitators of these communications platforms must censor comments that might offend “Journalists”.

    Why do people continue to visit these sites?

  2. Why do people continue to visit these sites? unknowable2, that is a good question. I still do at times, for that is where there are a lot of fish, if you wish to be a fisher of men. However, we as Christians really should start to ween ourselves off such sites, for there are popping up many alternative places where there is freedom. If enough people, and those who do love freedom would in-mass do this, within a short time, two things could happen, one, most of those sites which censure a lot of truth would go belly-up, or they might rethink their policies, and once again, let the truth run free.

    Let me say one more thing about censorship, it’s not just the wicked who censor truth, or an idea they don’t like. A scientist at ICR offered to review and do a bit of editing for my book “Reindeer Don’t Fly.”

    However, he stopped before he got to the third chapter, for two reasons. One, because I preferred to use the KJV of the Bible, but as I stated, I do use and read other versions and at times quote from them. The other reason, was to censor an idea he didn’t want others to even think about. And this idea or belief I did not mention nor deal with in my book! All I did was quote from another book, which author’s belief was at odds with this scientist’s. And my quote from his book had nothing to do with that idea. But just the very idea, I might agree with the other guy, had to be censored and buried, so he did no review. How silly. I had hundreds of quotes from numerous sources, of which I certainly did not agree with nor believe. But just the hint, the very idea, that I might have agreed with another Christian author who had a divergent viewpoint…That Must Not be Allowed!

    1. The ultimate issue of the ages, is human authority, as opposed to God’s authority. For whatever the reason, people love to impose their authority upon others and some people crave human authority, but it doesn’t work out well. Eccl 8:9 “ All this I have seen, and have applied my mind to every deed that has been done under the sun at a time when one person has exercised authority over another person to his detriment.” Sometimes even well-intended people can’t resist.

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