Bye-Bye to Loudon County School Board?

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Parents in Loudon County, Virginia, now have more than enough signatures to recall the chair of their county board of education (

[Editor wonders: Are we still supposed to see these parents as “domestic terrorists”?]

In a loud and passionate public meeting this week, parents said they had more than 2,000 signatures on a recall petition and intended to remove from office the chair, two vice-chairs, and a member-at-large.

Hmm… Why do they want to do that?

Oh, little things! Like covering it up when a “trans” boy raped a girl in the high school rest room–and when he was transferred to another school, he did it again! But the only one arrested was the girl’s father. Little things like that. And Critical Race Theory “lessons.” And cheerleading for “transgender.” And packing the school libraries with pornography. And forcing kids to wear masks all day. Little things.

Remember when your school board members were your friends and neighbors, serving the community? Well, state and federal governments certainly changed that! Now they’re just another set of Far Left Crazy trying to “fundamentally transform” our country into a socialist hell-hole.

Public education must die. Whatever is wrong with our country, whatever is dysfunctional, whatever is just plain stupid–all the roads lead back to public education. That includes the colleges and universities.

We do not need to have our children “educated” by persons who hate us and despise our way of life.

May the Loudon County parents succeed in kicking their board members out of office.

But far more to the point would be to pull their children out of the public schools and give them a Christian education at home. This is the only thing that will confound the Far Left teachers’ unions.

More and More Families Leaving Public School

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip.)

More and more parents last year, and earlier this year, pulled more and more children out of public schools; and fewer and fewer of them have been coming back (–public-schools/?fbclid=IwAR1TiErCVzweoAdMbORu61HJt33USWSPDJ3WPt0hZps_3duyxFQPFR75L0Y#.YWlfUNOoSbg.facebook).

Big-city school districts have been hard-hit, and because the amount of state aid given to a district usually depends on enrollment, these districts face “unprecedented drops in funding.”

Ain’t that just too bad!

It’s reported that vaccine mandates and mask mandates are the chief factors deterring parents from re-enrolling their kids in public schools. Get a shot that’s gonna give you heart disease before you’re old enough to vote–how attractive is that?

But there are other factors: school boards asking the FBI to “investigate” parents who object to their Far Left curriculum… critical race theory, anti-American “studies,” cheerleading for transgenderism. There’s plenty not to like!

Up until King COVID closed the schools and sent children home for “remote learning,” parents were able to avoid knowing what their kids were being… “taught”… in public schools. With the kids at home, parents finally saw and heard what was being seen and heard in classrooms. Mobs of irate parents have been thronging school board meetings all over America.

We are rooting–no, we are praying!–for public education to fail, collapse, and go extinct. The whole system has been captured by Marxist teachers’ unions and “educators” who want to turn America into a socialist landfill. Our local school boards don’t represent us anymore: they sic the FBI on us! We have no meaningful recourse but to pull our children out of there–the sooner, the better.

Kill public education, and the Far Left in America dies.