‘College Crapola Du Jour’ (2018)

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I can hardly believe this “abolish the sexes!” schiff has been going on for three years, or even more. And I won’t even try to imagine what the mental patients who run Colorado State University are up to now. This was bad enough.

College Crapola du Jour

“Use only gender-neutral emojis, and inclusive pronouns…” College makes you stupid! It’s making the whole country stupider and stupider.

If American civilization fails, we’ll be able to say in all truthfulness that we “educated” it to death.

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  1. Where did people get the idea that there is some right to never be exposed to something which MAY cause offense. I go out of my way to avoid offending people, but there is always the possibility that someone will choose to take offense at something which is not intended to offend anyone. This really boils down to what we can control and what we cannot control.

    I once had an acquaintance that seemed to thrive upon the negative. No matter what you said, he would find a reason to complain. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that nothing would please this person, and I simply avoided him, to the extent possible. His state of mind was not under my control, and while I still granted every courtesy possible to him, I learned that pleasing him was impossible, so I was not troubled by his negative reactions.

    I am a male, identify as a male and make no apologies for this. If someone chooses to be gender neutral in all matters, that is their choice. I don’t poke my nose into the business of others, and if they see things differently, that is not my concern. If someone chooses to take offense at some imagined slight, that is their problem.

    1. The nature of the human race has not changed. We may have more technology than the Dark Ages, but the nature of mankind is no different from that time. The idea of being socially aware, or “woke”, is no less preposterous than someone in the Dark Ages crowing about their understanding of the world. The same mob-think that powered witch hunts and superstition is still at work today, but with a modern twist. The only anomaly of history is the relative peace of the post WW II era, but that is behind us now.

  2. I just received some emails this week about a “Quiet Room” that’s been established in my old department at the university, i.e., a “safe space,” and yes, they actually used that phrase in describing the protocols for using the room. There are stuffed animals, some objects that I never heard of but are probably a version of coloring books, private cubicles with cushions…. I can hardly believe this. I want you to know that this is a major research university, with a full graduate program up through the Ph.D. and postdoctoral NEH programs. Oh, and yes, faculty are offered use of the Quiet Room as well. What in the ever-loving blue-eyed world has happened? How can we ever recover, when these universities are churning out our future “leaders”?

    Meanwhile, every week I say to myself, “I got out of there in the nick of time.”

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