The Leftids’ Starship (‘Faith of the Faithless’)

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In the original Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston takes a one-way voyage in a starship because he hopes to find “something better” than our Earth.

Leftids still seek something better; and they have a starship, too.

Faith of the Faithless

Their voyage to Utopia will be aboard the all-powerful, all-devouring State. What would you even call it? Science and Government and brute force and madness all rolled into one!

But when you turn away from God, sooner or later you find an idol.

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  1. The understanding of mankind’s fallen state is powerful. I know that even the best intended efforts of mankind cannot reverse that fallen state. There is something better on the way, in the form of God’s Kingdom, but we don’t cause that to happen by our actions. We must wait for God.

  2. I have a song suggestion for this morning: I don’t think we have heard anything from this man before. Jentezen Franklin singing and playing Through It All. He also plays the saxophone.

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