‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013′

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What does it say about the world’s biggest and costliest public “education” system, when thousands, if not millions, believe in super-powerful Space Brothers FROM ORION?

Why Do I Even Bother?

No one, not even all-powerful “Annunaki”, can be FROM ORION. That’s because there’s no such place. “Orion”–like any other constellation–is only a pattern which human imagination, from earth’s unique vantage point, imposes on a scattering of stars.

You try to explain this to people and they look at you like you just offered to sell them giant beanstalk seeds.

And then they start making decisions based on their belief in Annunaki FROM ORION…

8 comments on “‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013′

  1. That just drives me crazy to hear people talk about such things, and the attempt by a rich man to make other planets home for all who want to go there, etc. etc. and on the idiocy goes. When will people wake up? Well, on the day appointed, I know, they will wake up. They had better wake up before that or shame on them.

  2. I have no quarrel with anyone who thinks about traveling to and living in a hitherto unknown or unsettled place — as long as it’s a real place and there are means to get there and find a way to survive. Y’know, like Columbus or Lewis & Clark or any other explorer of the unknown. But it has to be a PLACE, not an imaginary pattern. And there must be some idea of what MAY be there and how to get there, as well as how to survive on the trip, with enough left to get back if the provisions run out before you get to the place you think is there. As for arrivals from other places, that’s happened, too. I’m sure the locals in what’s now the Carribean and Central America had no idea that there were giant continents on the other side of the world. But again there has to be a PLACE, as well as some evidence of how they got here and how they propose to get back. (Never mind how they learned English or whatever local language they’re speaking.)

    1. Apparently this is a very difficult concept to instill. Sooner or later you butt up against the crushing argument, “But I saw it on the Internet!!!”

  3. It’s ironic that there are people out there who don’t have faith to believe in God, but they have faith to believe in aliens. So where would the aliens come from? Who made them? The question still goes back to the existence of God.

    1. Okay, so here we go again…. Who made the rocks and who made the rain, and who set the rain in motion? Doo dah indeed.

      This would actually be fun if it were a child’s sing-song game, like the Ezekiel song: “The head bone connected to the neck bone, the neck bone connected to the shoulder bone,” etc. Oh, but the chorus to that one is, “Now hear the word of the Lord.” Oops, sorry. 😄

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