No, You Can’t Have Any of My Money

Divide and Rule

Have a swig of Critical Race Theory while you’re here!

What do you get when you donate money to your ol’ alma mater? Well, let me tell you what I’d get, if I ever shelled out to Rutgers University.

An associate professor of women’s, gender, and “Africana” studies at Rutgers, making a six-figure salary (yeesh! what do they pay a full professor?), recently launched into a frothing-at-the-mouth rant against white people: “We gotta take these M[censored]s out!” she declared. ‘Cause white people “are committed to being villains” (

A Word of Caution: The Democrat Party wants whites and blacks to hate and fear each other. That way they get to divide and rule. It also pleasures their corrupted souls. We must resist the extremely powerful temptation to answer this very highly-paid associate professor in kind.

But we don’t ever again have to contribute one red cent to any college. Certainly not to Rutgers. (They used to phone me pretty often, begging for bucks, but they haven’t done it in a while. Maybe some of my answers discouraged them.) Nor do we have to send our children there to have their minds warped by rabid racial hate artists like this associate professor with her six-figure salary.

Remember! The Democrat Party does not want us living in peace and harmony and good will with one another. They do everything in their power to subvert it.

No more money for the universities. It’s time for them to go.

5 comments on “No, You Can’t Have Any of My Money

  1. In the email blasts I still get from my old department, I see over and over the straight white faculty apologizing for how evil they are as straight white people and how rightfully they’re hated. They don’t seem to notice that they expect to be **loved** for saying how much they should be hated. It’s all fakery, very evil fakery.

    1. “They expect to be loved for saying how much they should be hated”–another bullseye for you.
      Are these people quite all there? (Hint: No.)

  2. “a frothing-at-the-mouth rant against white people” I guess that would mean she hates the founder of Islam…read on, and then watch the video…

    I came across something yesterday that pertains to your post. I had no idea about Cassius Clay, nor much of the information about Muhammad. How black and white people have been lied to by the educators. If you watch this video, your jaw may drop on the ground.

    How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived By Islam (and Why Cassius Clay Was His Greatest Name)

    1. Jack Cashill has written a fascinating book about Muhammad Ali, titled “Sucker Punch,” in which he describes Ali’s troubled relationship with the Nation of Islam among other things. I highly recommend it.

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