Doritos Ad: Homo Heaven

God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not  convenient | Psalms, Words of jesus, Jesus quotes

Speaking of reprobate minds, what’s with our business entities? Why are big corporations all on board the hell-bound bandwagon?

There’s a new Doritos ad–no, I will not link to it, it’s much too disgusting for this site. It’s in Spanish, and shows a family having some kind of memorial service for Grandpa… whose ghost comes down from Heaven to say hello. It’s not cartoons or actors; it’s creepy puppets, some of them rather alarmingly ugly. And although he supposedly now inhabits Heaven–hey, look at that! He’s still old! I wonder if you can still have lumbago in Heaven.

But that ain’t the half of it. Now that he’s in Heaven, Grandpa has… a boyfriend. The two old sodomites hold hands: they are “partners.” Feh. And the whole puppet family is just so happy for them! Guess God was all wrong about that fornication thing, huh? Doritos sez they’re doing it in heaven. The celestial brothel.

Has the bottom rotted out of our corrupted culture, so that there is no bottom anymore? Here I was thinking Hispanic culture was a little more conservative than ours. Guess again.

Why have so many of our corporations sailed off the left edge of the world?

Got news for you, guys–there’s no coming back.

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