National School Boards Assn.: Now They’re Sorry

Parents, pols slam FBI probe into CRT-related harassment in schools

A month ago the National School Boards Assn. wrote a letter to Dodderin’ Joe, asking him to get the Justice Dept. to “investigate” parents for “threats” against school board members; and the Justice Dept. obliged by unleashing the FBI against parents who complained about their school’s curriculum. Somehow that made them “domestic terrorists”!

Well, they’ve gotten nothing but flak for that; so now the NSBA is saying they “regret and apologize for” calling the people who elected them, and whom they supposedly represent, “terrorists” and sicking the FBI on them (

(Meanwhile, school board associations from four states so far have formally severed their ties with NSBA.)

The NSBA’s newest public statement admits there was “no justification for some of the language included in the letter.” Given that not one single supposed “threat” has ever been carried out–well, yeah!

Ah! But Attorney General Whatsit says he’s gonna keep “investigating” anyway–those naughty parents out there need roping in. Asked by a Senate committee this week whether there was any actual evidence for any of these supposed threats by parents against school boards, he said, why, sure–there’s this here letter from the National School Boards Assn.! That’s all the evidence I need! Did he not know the NSBA had disavowed its own letter?

In Democrat legal theory, the accusation is the evidence. As long as it’s another Democrat making the accusation.

Stay tuned–this soap opera ain’t over yet.

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