I Don’t Want to Believe This…

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This may be the most bizarre public school story yet (https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-investigation-kentucky-high-school-hosts-drag-pageant).

This year’s annual “homecoming activity” at Hazard High School, in Kentucky, featured scantily-clad male students in girls’ lingerie giving lap dances to staff–including the principal!–and female students dressed as Hooters waitresses. And if you want more details, and your stomach is strong, click the link to the news report by The Postmillenial.

I don’t want to believe it, but I have to. The Superintendent of Schools has issued an official statement in which nothing was denied. The superintendent said “Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken following an investigation”–but “no further information” is offered, she added.

Uh, what would “appropriate disciplinary action” be, in this case? Fire the principal and every member of the staff that attended the event? Pictures of these goings-on were posted on the Hazard High School Athletics page and then found their way onto the social media. I’m not going to post any of them here. The point is, nobody can deny what happened. And no one seems to have tried to.

I’ve seen the pictures. They leave nothing to the imagination.

How about it, America? Had enough of public education yet? Enough of Far Left teachers’ unions and overpaid administrative staff whose mental landscapes can hardly be imagined?

How much farther does this have to go?

5 comments on “I Don’t Want to Believe This…

  1. In dealing with school “officials” over the years, I can’t see any way the present members can be redeemed. We need a whole new system, a whole new beginning.

  2. Anything even approaching sexual contact between students and faculty is a huge breach of ethics and if the students are below the age of consent it can easily cross the line into criminality.

    The whole episode is very foolish. Why didn’t someone stand up and say “No”? If I was someplace where something like this were happening I’d express my objections and get as far away from the situation as possible if it didn’t stop immediately. Even if it did stop, I would not want to stay around such a situation.

    There is so much offensive about this situation that I can’t even begin to express it all.

  3. Homeschooling, yes, that will change things. However, a very big part of this is called sin. And needed repentance from that sin. Christian parents willfully disobeying the Lord, by allowing their children to attend those government schools in the first place. Christians, you know the verses. Ephesians 6:4; Genesis 18:19 and a host of others.

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