Biden: Pay Illegals $450,000 Each (???)

Illegal border crossings still at historic low | Nation |

Over the fence and on their way to payday!

Here’s another crazed monstrosity that I don’t want to believe:

To settle a huge ACLU lawsuit–can we declare war on the ACLU?–the Biden administration has proposed to pay illegal aliens $450,000 each to illegal “immigrant family” members “separated” by the government when they illegally crossed our country’s southern border ( This would come out to approximately one million dollars per “family,” it’s estimated. One can’t help wondering just how genuine those “families” are.

Wow! Violating our border is almost as profitable as winning the lottery!

To add insult to injury, Doddering Joe has commented, “81 million people voted for this agenda!”

Honk if you believe that. Ruptured borders, Green New Deal, transgender wacko stuff around the clock, mandate this and mandate that–yeah, sure, that’s what we voted for! Is there any law the rest of us can break that’ll net us almost half a million dollars each?

What’s the limit, when it comes to abusing the people of America? Or is there no limit? Like, when are they going to start bombing us?

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  1. Bombing us? In a sense, they already are doing so in several ways. Ever read the reports on what is coming from the long and long lasting trails being sprayed out of planes in strange patterns? A lot of people refuse to believe they are anything except normal contrails. Many who have investigated think otherwise. The reports are posted.

  2. The MSM was locked out of fraudulent biden’s meeting with the communist pope, but what was released was a total embarrassment – the man is a senile fool, kind of like the horse one of the Caesar’s made a member of the Senate.

    1. Caligula never quite got around to actually making Incitatus (the horse) a senator–but everyone in Rome expected him to do it.

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