Sheriff: Election Laws ‘Shattered’ by Fraud

Elections Commission rejects Racine County sheriff's claim of voting  violations at nursing homes | Local Government |

Election integrity? Not in the nursing homes!

No matter how hard our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media tries to bury it, the story of the 2020 election just won’t go away.

The sheriff of Racine County, Wisconsin, has just completed an investigation which, he says, shows that election laws in his county were “shattered” by voter fraud ( Most of the blame, he says, ought to go to the Wisconsin Elections Commission for making no meaningful effort to protect the integrity of the election. The commission, of course, has rejected the sheriff’s findings.

The sheriff said he started his investigation after receiving reports that cognitively impaired nursing home patients had been sent absentee ballots that they didn’t request and then “voted”–even the ones who were actually dying at the time. The complaints came from patients’ relatives.

So here’s yet another jurisdiction where phony voting has been proved. Anybody gonna go to jail for this? Stay tuned.

5 comments on “Sheriff: Election Laws ‘Shattered’ by Fraud

  1. I will be very surprised if anyone is punished at all for this. There are much worse things happening in illness related situations; such as outright murder. If those things cannot be prosecuted, then there is little hope for the rest.

    1. Our country is slow to anger. But I remember what Admiral Yamamoto said after he attacked Pearl Harbor: “We have wakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

  2. I hope he was right. In fact, I do see and hear a lot of people rearing up over this nonsensical junk.

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