‘Freezing, Freezing Everywhere…’ (2014)

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As we speak, the global ruling class has descended on Scotland–it took hundreds of private jets to get them there–to babble about how they’re gonna stop Climbit Change by scuffing their shoes on us plebs.

I am reminded of a delightful Global Warming morning in 2014 when we had freezing temperatures in all 50 states–even Florida and Hawaii.

Freezing, Freezing Everywhere…

These people mean to devour our freedoms and sit themselves up as kings and satraps. For four years Donald Trump kept their fangs out of our necks. Now there’s no one: we’ll have to do it ourselves.

O Lord our God, defend us.

O Lord our God, avenge the crimes committed against us by these ungodly wicked persons.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. We appear to be in a Grand Solar Minimum, which means colder winters and shorter summers, not to mention seismic activities and volcanos. Next they’ll be trying to convince us that human activity is to blame for the reduction in sunspots.

    1. In the past, God has allowed people to decide their own fate. Quite truly, people frame their own judgment. This is not a war simply against worshippers of the True God, it is a war against the True God Himself. The results will be easy to predict.

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