Far Left Idiots Rally to Crazed Rutgers Prof

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No, I’m not going to post a picture of this jerk. I’m not even going to mention her name. Here are some nice tree frogs instead.

I’m getting tired of covering the nooze. It’s so dreary! But I keep thinking we do have to know what we’re up against.

Here are some recent comments by a tenured professor at Rutgers University. Wait’ll the next time they phone me and ask for money.

“White people are committed to being villains.”

“White people showed up being raggedy (?) and violent and trying to take everything from everybody.”

“Black and brown people happily co-existed and sailed around the world (?) until whites came along and destroyed the world with violence.”

Chatter like this cheesed a lot of people off–state university, New Jersey taxpayers’ money, and this is what they get?–so naturally various “faculty groups” have rallied to support this spewing moron: AAF, AFT, and other groups even sillier. Any criticism of her, they say, is only “racism.” (Yeah, she’s black.)

I say this as a Rutgers alumnus: Defund Rutgers University. If this is how it wants to spend its time and our money, we ought to remove our money from the equation.

How much of this are we expected to put up with? Why should we have to put up with it at all? If you’ve got an answer to those questions, I’d just love to hear it! Or maybe I wouldn’t: it’s probably a profoundly stupid answer.

If you’re sending your kids to Rutgers, this is what they’re being “taught.” And if you’re okay with that, there’s something wrong with you.

[Editor’s note: I have not provided a link to the news story because I don’t want this evil idiot’s name or picture to appear on my blog.]

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