School Board’s the Name, Intimidation’s the Game

1964 Press Photo Moscow Bolshevik Revolution Parade - Historic Images

So you thought those old Soviet days were over?

It’s all over the country–school boards bullying, intimidating, and even arresting parents who object to school board policies.

This week it was Gwinnett County, Georgia ( The board had just installed a brand-new metal detector “to keep the people safe” (a euphemism for “showing the peasants who’s boss”), and everyone attending the meeting was required to pass through it.

Two women were arrested by Herod’s men. One for “trespassing” on school district property, from which she’d been banned a month ago for arguing about the board’s fake mask Mandate. (You will not find the word “mandate” in the U.S. Constitution.) The other was busted for the, uh–terrorist? Is it bigger than a breadbox?–crime of having a pair of scissors in her handbag. Craft scissors, with the blunted points. For cutting yarn. Apparently she planned to do a bit of knitting if the meeting dragged. But off she went to the cop shop. Both were charged with obstructing an officer and trespassing.

This is intimidation. This is to teach the plebs to know their place.

While we as a nation weren’t looking–and shame on us, we didn’t want to look-our whole public education system, which was nothing to write home about from the beginning, became infested, saturated, with these little tinhorn tyrants.

Thanks to the pandemic and “remote learning,” American parents finally saw and heard what the Far Left freaks from the teachers’ unions were teaching their children–and they don’t like it. No, they don’t like Critical Race Theory! No, they don’t like transgender propaganda! But the unions have doubled down on Critical Race Theory and have vowed to “teach”it  whether the poor sods who pay their salaries like it or not.

The school boards, after unsuccessfully trying to argue “Critical Race Theory? What are you talking about? We don’t teach that here!”, have started calling it by other names. “Equity instruction” is my favorite.

Again. Yes, again–our only meaningful and effective recourse against these Stalinist pipsqueaks is to pull our children out of the public schools. You don’t need a school board when there’s no one in the school!

We are going to have to win our freedom all over again–and may God help us.

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  1. I am in the process of writing a short teaching to share at the next Bible study group, and it addresses indirectly these same issues, indirectly.

  2. America was set up for each community to be involved in its local government and to form charitable associations to help the needy. What happened? Prosperity happened, especially after WWII when America became the undisputed leader of the world.

  3. Lee, just got it typed up, very short remarks, but if you send me your mail address, I’ll send a copy to you..
    I know you gave it to me before but I don’t keep all addresses.

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