‘Love Endures’ (2018)

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Our family used to get together for Thanksgiving feasts. Now we don’t. Most of us have died. The rest have moved too far away to be visited by any of the others.

Oh, I miss them! And yet in a real sense, they’re still here. Still together.

Love Endures

I do wish I could have persuaded my family members not to move so far away. But we were all younger when they did it, and of course no one anticipated getting old and not being up to four hours on the Parkway anymore.

But love does not get old.

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  1. Very true. I have few family members near me, either. In fact, none of my “growing up” members. Only two grandkids are near enough to come, and they don’t very often either, because familly members of their wives take over now. I have my two wonderful sons, though, and that is good enough.
    I just put my pumpkin pie in the oven a few minutes, and then the turkey.

  2. I have a cousin in another state and the daughter of another (deceased) cousin also in another state. And that’s it … all the family I have left. So Iggy and I will be having our own Thanksgiving together, thankful for all the wonderful people who’ve been around us and are now gone. Iggy is having turkey — Friskies Turkey Paté, that is. I’m having franks and beans, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner my mother and I used to have in commemoration of our first Thanksgiving on our own when I was 11 and we were too poor to have a turkey.

  3. Same here. All of our Arkansas relatives have passed away, and our Arizona ones are too far away (especially since we visited them in October). It was the three of us again this year,, and since our daughter is a professional cook dinner was scrumptious.

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