EU Doofus Drops Plan to Erase Christmas

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Far Left Crazy thinks it can do anything it wants. So here we have the EU, whose bigwigs nobody voted for, appointing another big wig “Equality Minister”–and next thing you know, she’s recommending that they erase Christmas throughout Europe (

She made a “retraction” after strong objections by the Vatican. Please don’t think this means she’s changed her so-called mind.

Oh! And she also thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to name your baby John or Mary anymore… because those are, like, Christian names or Bible names, not INCLUSIVE.

If I were a European celebrity, I would announce that henceforth I would name all my pets John or Mary. Then I’d go out and buy an ant farm. Not being a celebrity, the following is the best I can do:

What with King COVID and Climbit Chainge bullschiff, the Far Left is running wild all over the world. God’s grace has provided them with a propensity to go too far, too fast, alienating everyone but other left-wing ninnies.

And now it’s time for the whole deranged business to be stopped. No more woke, no more hoke.

If the Europeans listen to me, they’ll all leave the EU and never, ever let any of its personnel back into government in any capacity.

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  1. All this nonsense makes me think of the Psalm of Asaph in Psalm 79 and then to Ezekiel 39, God’s response. They better watch it before something similar happens.

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