UK Surgeon Still Suspended: He Said the Wrong Thing

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Are “elites” using the COVID scare to control the world?

That’s what a Pakistani-born surgeon in the UK said a year ago, for which he was suspended from practicing medicine; and a year later, he’s still suspended ( for remarks he posted on social media.

The “interim suspension remains in place while we consider Dr. Adil’s fitness to practice,” said a spokesman for Britain’s General Medical Council. Many doctors have signed a petition to reinstate him, but so far the GMC isn’t listening. The petition supports the doctor’s right to free speech; but there’s no First Amendment in Britain.

Lockdowns, vaccine passports, POW-type “quarantine camps” in Australia, an endless string of Greek alphabet COVID variants requiring an endless string of injections–how about it? Is this a dress rehearsal for world government?

It’s sure beginning to look like it.

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  1. The doctor has now been on suspension for many months. How do they do that, revoke his license? License is: Permission to do a particular thing, to exercise a certain privilege, or to carry on a particular business or to pursue a certain occupation.

    Who grants this permission, government. What government gives; it can take away. I would argue, licensing almost any kind of work or business I want to do or engage in, is a violation of my God-given rights, and in violation of the US Constitution.

    Granting a license is not a guaranty that the person who receives such permission, is qualified, nor will give quality service. Do auto repair shops have to be licensed? Have you ever been ripped off by a licensed repair shop or mechanic? Many people have a Driver’s license but do not know how to drive.

    One issue of license I am very familiar with is a marriage license. No one in the USA needs a marriage license from any state to be lawfully married. My wife was from the Philippines. She came to the USA on a fiancé visa. This means we had to get married within 90 days, which most believe means getting a state-issued marriage license, or she would have been deported. Besides not needing a license, permission from the state to get married, no one should ever get a marriage license from the state, that contract/agreement can cause great problems, especially for Christian men if they go through a divorce.

    Please don’t say I don’t know what I am talking about. I studied the law on this. I went through it with immigration officials a number of times. Long story short, she was able to get her green card, state-issued ID, and other things with no problems. She was also able to open a bank checking account without a social security number, when even the bank manager said she couldn’t. When you know the law and your God-given rights, there is a lot you can do, which people say you can’t.

  2. This is why we cannot get pharmacists to fill orders for Ivemectim or Hydroxychloriquine because they will lose their license for giving you therapies that will save your life. Obamacare forced doctors into coops and institutions so they have to go along to get along.

    1. I’m now reading Robert Kennedy Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci,” and it’s an eye-opener. I knew there was some fraud attached to the suppression of HCQ and Ivermectin, but I had no idea how deliberate it was and how many agencies, companies, and foundations (especially the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) were involved in it in order to push the very profitable vaccines as well as the toxic remdesivir. There’s a lot of money involved in all of this. I highly recommend the book, even with its occasional but gratuitous never-Trumpism.

    2. What–did he want Hillary to be president? The most corrupt woman in the world?
      And of course Bill & Melinda have been de-population pushers for years…

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