What the Dickens–?

The UN Just Put up a Giant Statue in New York That Resembles a 'Beast' Described in the Book of Revelation

(Thanks to Unknowable for the nooze tip.)

If you don’t already know, you’ll never guess what this is.

[Hand goes up in the studio audience. “Ooh-ooh! I know, I know!”]

Yup, you got it: a statue called The Guardian of International Peace and Security. (Damn. Shoulda guessed that.) It’s set up right outside United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Is this one of those things that’s actually worse than what it’s supposed to guard against? Some people think it looks like the Beast in Revelation. Or something from a Japanese monster movie. Rodan vs. The Thing from Yushi Mountain.

Let’s see… hmm… We’ve got all those rich-as-Croesus globalist honchos wanting to set up a global government that devours whole nations at a gulp, with themselves in charge of it, like, forever. I guess a horrible monster could symbolize that. Maybe there ought to be monsters set up all around the UN.

They used to install gargoyles to keep spiritual wickedness out of the cathedrals. We need gargoyles around the UN to keep it in.

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  1. Apparently, the Jaguar/Eagle thing goes back to the Aztecs, which somehow is supposed to make us all feel better about this statue. It sure is reminiscent of Revelation, but even if it’s entirely Aztec in concept, that doesn’t mKe me feel any better. The Aztecs did some not so good things, such as human sacrifices which were brutal and gory.

    Clicking the zoom lens back to a wider field; it’s all part of Satan’s notion of worship, which is not the living God of the Bible, who sacrificed His own son for our redemption, but is instead a system of worship which has an insatiable appetite for the blood of the innocent, which is, ultimately, sacrificed to Satan. For all of the talk about Peace & Security, we see little of that in practice.

    As I write, there are Russian troops massed against the Ukraine, in what appears to be the run up to an invasion. Iran, which has vowed to destroy Israel, is forging towards becoming a nuclear power and they are developing ICBMs, which appear to be earmarked for the U.S. whom the call the Great Satan. China is openly threatening to take over Taiwan and Iranian-backed Houtis in Yemen are lobbing rockets and UAVs at Saudi Arabia. So I’m not sure what Peace and Security this creature is guarding, but it could be the Peace and Security referred to in 1 Thessalonians 5:3: “While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

    Hmmm? That doesn’t sound so good. Anyone claiming that there is either peace or security in our day has a very different concept of these thing than I do.

    The statue has enough similarity to one of the beasts described in Revelation to peak my interest. The book of Revelation is describing an anti-Christian rulership, and this is not all that hard to imagine, given the current state of affairs. The last decade or so has seen an upsurge in persecution of Christians and even in lands where freedom of religion is legally guaranteed, there exists and undercurrent of hostility and even harassment of Christianity. The Beast is stirring, as we speak.

    1. People wonder how Cortez, with his a hundred men or so, managed to conquer the mighty Aztec empire.
      He had millions of native allies! Everyone hated the Aztecs and wanted them put out of business.

  2. I tried to respond to this earlier this morning, but was knocked off the internet because of the horrible windy snow storm here. The wind twisted the receiver out of place, then when that was fixed, snow covered it so it could not “see”, so now, I have 93 incoming emails to struggle through. sigh…I saw this horrible monster yesterday, and I posted it on my facebook page. Got a lot of attention.

  3. After the disastrous WWII, the nations formed the United Nations to prevent anymore wars. A couple of years later the world was at war in North Korea. It’s kind of like how the mega-bankers convinced the U.S. Congress to set up the Federal Reserve System so we would have not more recessions (not to mention depressions).

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