‘Redistributing Poverty’ (2012)

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What goes around, comes around. Which is why the same damned thing happens every time Democrats get to run the country. It always, always, always costs us.

Redistributing Poverty

So now it’s “Build Back Better,” trillions of dollars’ worth of government waste and overreach, at least knocked temporarily to the canvas by Sen. Joe Manchin’s refusal to vote for it. He deserves a statue.

All they ever do, “redistributing wealth,” is to push money around from one set of greedy hands to another.

Let’s pray that by next Christmas, they’re knocked out of power for good… never to return. Not ever.

2 comments on “‘Redistributing Poverty’ (2012)

  1. What is being “built back better” is the second coming of the Lord, Who will build better. Man will never be able to build anything better. The time is growing close for a new earth, but it will not happen the way these poor folks think

  2. Has redistributing wealth by the federal and state governments helped the downtrodden over time? NO, it has not. And all the fraud that goes along with it is staggering to the imagination. Redistributing opportunity is what is needed. Each person is responsible for their own life.

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