‘The Moral Tone of Congress’ (2017)

PHOTO: Leeann Tweeden posted this photo online that she says was taken while she was asleep on a flight back from a 2006 USO trip. She says it shows then-comedian Al Franken, who is now a U.S. Senator, groping her.

Then-Senator Al Franken enjoys a “paws that refreshes.”

No comments, no likes, no nothin’–What gives?

Oh, let’s enjoy a good belly laugh! “The Moral Tone of Congress…”

The Moral Tone of Congress

And of course the funniest part of all is that those sexual harassment lawsuits are paid off not by the guilty parties in Congress, but by you and me! The taxpayers.

6 comments on “‘The Moral Tone of Congress’ (2017)

  1. What a boondoggle. A very un-funny comedian somehow finds his way to the Senate. Then acts like a total moron. I’m convinced that the only qualification to be accepted as a leader by the left is to have no morals whatsoever.

    1. He was a writer in the early days of Saturday Night Live. I always thought he was a bit strange and the Franken & Davis report on SNL, was “sponsored” by the Communist Party.

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