‘London Imposes “Knife Control”‘ (2018)

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What’s next–fork control?

Although it’s virtually impossible to acquire a gun lawfully there, in 2018 the murder rate in London exceeded the murder rate in New York City. So naturally the Government came down for “knife control.” Gee, I hope it was bipartisan!

London Imposes ‘Knife Control’

Today our pseudo Solons up on Capitol Hill are trying to find some ways to nullify our Constitutional right to bear arms. And for some reason, suddenly mass shootings are way up–or should I say they appear to be way up? I mean, really, how do you decide who’s more dishonest, politicians or noozies?

I think in Britain it’s against the law to carry a potato peeler. So why haven’t they achieved the earthly paradise yet? What else has to be banned, to get there?

‘NY Governor: “I’m Undocumented”‘ (2018)

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Well, we’ve dodged this bullet, at least.

What a difference a year makes!

Only a year ago or so, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–famous for lines like “America was never that great”–was the Democrats’ Great Anti-Trump, he’d come in after Biden and Fundamentally Change our country.

No inanity was too large to escape his mouth. Including this one:

NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

Posing as an illegal alien was a bit much, even for Democrats.

Sexual harassment charges forced this jidrool out of office. Now, after spending beaucoup bucks on TV and radio ads, Cuomo couldn’t scare up enough signatures to put him on the ballot  for this year’s Democrat gubernatorial primary. Sorry, sunshine, you’re last week’s cat-food.

‘We’re Low on Luxury Meats. How About Some Bugs?’

Amazon.com: Soylent Green (DVD) : Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, Dick Van Patten, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten, Cyril Delevanti, John Dennis, Jane Dulo, Morgan Farley, Tim Herbert, Cheri Howell, Roy Jenson, Paula

Wow. The price of beef is going up and up and up (along with everything else), and the demand for “luxury meat” is going down, down, down–because Democrats have saddled us with terrible inflation and a lot of us can’t afford stuff anymore. In case you weren’t watching, they did that by severing the Keystone Pipeline.

But not to worry! We plebs, we peasants, can still eat insects, weeds, and “lab-grown meat,” whatever that turns out to be (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/let-eat-bugs-americans-may-say-goodbye-steak-burgers-beef-costs-rise-bloomberg-news/). My guess is Soylent Green. And Soylent Green, as Charlton Heston discovered in the movie… “is people.”

The World Economic Forum says we should eat bugs and weeds, and they should know. I mean, they’re The Smartest People In The World. Look at the spectacular job they’re doing, running things.

Who ever dreamed things could get so bad, so fast?

Can you imagine the Obamas and John Kerry watching video of us peasants chowing down on cucarachas and caterpillars and just laughing their heads off? I can.

The only thing they’ve proved so far is that the entire global ruling class must be replaced… before they kill our civilization.

P.S.–I just noticed: the story of Soylent Green is set in the year… 2022. Uh-oh.

‘Can They Tell You When to Speak and What to Say?’ (2019)

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Has everyone in government–especially judges–entirely forgotten the term “representative government?” Enshrined in the law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, is the principle that we are not ruled as subjects, but that we govern ourselves by means of our elected representatives.

Try explaining that to our betters!

Can They Tell You When to Speak and What to Say?

Who do these people think they are? “Yes, we can force you to affirm and celebrate and aid and abet and endorse gay marriage!” Since when?

But look around. What used to be “the Free World” is melting into tyranny faster by the day. It’s all in the cause of “liberation.” Oh, boy, the irony!

The Real ‘Peaceful Protest’ Is Treated as ‘Terrorism’

Justin Trudeau Is Trying To Silence Us - Spencer Fernando

“Listen up, you stinkin’ terrorists!

Justin Trudeau’s maniacal statist government is calling Canada’s truckers “terrorists” and has invoked the Emergencies Act and “anti-terrorist” measures–because the truckers, protesting COVID “mandates” and Canada’s not-so-slow drift into tyranny, have descended on Ottawa, the capital, and pretty much clogged it up.

Here I think a comparison is in order. Cast your mind back to the summer of 2020, here in the good ol’ USA.

How many people have the truckers… killed? None, of course. But Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs killed at least 25 Americans in our riots. Which our nooze media called “mostly peaceful protests.”

How many public buildings have the truckers burned down, or tried to burn down? None, of course. But BLM and Antifa tried to burn down police stations.

How many private businesses, how many neighborhoods, have the truckers destroyed with looting and arson. None, of course. But BLM & Co. cost America some $2 billion in property destroyed.

The Canadian government calls the truckers “terrorists.” How many US Democrats, how many American nooze media flunkies, called the BLMsters terrorists? None, or course.

What action has been taken against the truckers? Anyone whom a bank “suspects” of using money to help “the illegal blockaders” will be cut off from all his money: no proof required, just suspicions. But here in America, celebrities and Democrat office-holders donated their money to paying bail for rioters and arsonists. No one talked about seizing their assets or freezing their accounts.

So what are we to learn from this? A lesson, I think, in leftist logic.

“Mostly peaceful” means “violent as Hell,” and a “terrorist” is someone who protests a public policy without killing anyone or burning down any buildings.

Truth is not in them. Ever.

‘The Moral Tone of Congress’ (2017)

PHOTO: Leeann Tweeden posted this photo online that she says was taken while she was asleep on a flight back from a 2006 USO trip. She says it shows then-comedian Al Franken, who is now a U.S. Senator, groping her.

Then-Senator Al Franken enjoys a “paws that refreshes.”

No comments, no likes, no nothin’–What gives?

Oh, let’s enjoy a good belly laugh! “The Moral Tone of Congress…”

The Moral Tone of Congress

And of course the funniest part of all is that those sexual harassment lawsuits are paid off not by the guilty parties in Congress, but by you and me! The taxpayers.

Obama: Culture War Is ‘Phony’

President Obama: The 122 Photos We Loved | Time

Obama’s worship service

It used to be ex-presidents would let themselves out to pasture and stay there. But Democrat ex-presidents never dry up and blow away; and now we have the worst president ever, ol’ *Batteries Not Included, joining the rest of Far Left Crazy in piling on parents who don’t like their public school’s curriculum (https://www.foxnews.com/media/obama-ripped-after-slamming-phony-culture-wars).

BNI was in Virginia this weekend to campaign for Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe, running for governor, who recently said parents should just shut up and “not tell the schools what to teach.”

The former Poltroon-in-Chief babbled about the “education debate” in Virginia–centering on such objectionable “teachings” as Critical Race Theory and cheerleading for transgenderism, and an attempt by school officials to cover up a rape that occurred in a high school rest room–being “a phony trumped-up culture war” with “fake outrage that right-wing media peddles,” etc., etc. He also called Virginia’s Trump supporters “insurrectionists” and a “threat to democracy.”

So much for that Elder Statesman gig.

McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, has called on the entire Loudon County school board to resign, after revelation of an email that strongly suggests the board knew about the rape and tried to conceal it from the public.

How many different ways must we say this? Public education must die! It’s owned, operated, and purposely weaponized against us by Far Left teachers’ unions, wacko “education” theorists, and the Democrat Party. Critical Race Theory and pushing transgenderism is only the tip of the iceberg.

If Obama ever told the truth about anything, on purpose, he’d spontaneously combust.