By Request, ‘We Three Kings’

Phoebe asked for this one–We Three Kings, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. She’s feeling a bit sick today: we pray for each other.

Remember, this is the last day of the Christmas Carol Contest. Let’s light up the scoreboard!

11 comments on “By Request, ‘We Three Kings’

  1. How beautiful.
    And thanks to everyone for your prayers. I think my fever is breaking this morning (1 Jan). Now I can sit up at the computer long enough to read the posts I couldn’t get to yesterday.

  2. You’re still in my prayers, Lee. My own fever broke today, thanks be to God — and to everyone who prayed for me.

    1. I had to go buy supplies today. Not easy! Everything I’ve done today has been in slow motion. Yes, we need each other’s prayers!

    2. I was able to go out shopping today, too, with my temp staying at normal all day for the first time. But I had to lean **very** hard on the shopping cart toward the end of my store outing, and i’m still exhausted. Well, I can’t expect to have the stamina now that I did when I was a youngster of 75!

    3. You’re going to be calling me “sonny” next, aren’t you?
      My forearms were awfully sore by the time I came out of the Stop & Shop.

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