Carol Contest Winner!

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G’day! Lee’s laid out with symptoms way too disgusting to mention, so everything is left up to me, Byron the Quokka.

It falls to me to announce the winner of our second annual Christmas Carol Contest. It’s Joshua [trumpet fanfare]! His carol, I Wonder As I Wander, racked up 21 view the day it was requested.

Now it remains but for Joshua to pick his prize–an autographed copy of one of lee’s books, a red T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost”… or some little plastic army men. The few plastic army men that have survived the passage of a thousand years have mystified the best minds in Obann.

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14 comments on “Carol Contest Winner!

  1. Something went haywire when I was posting my comment, so either once again or for the first time:
    Yay, congratulations, Joshua!

    1. I’m surprised there was a book you didn’t already have–but The Throne it shall be.
      Please email me your mailing address.

    2. OK, I will! We have Books 1~8 & Book 10, which you sent me a few years ago, in book form, and all 13 books in Kindle form. So we chose Book 9 to fill in the gap.

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