‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Yes, we’re still sick. But I must be coming out of it, because I’m feeling very sappy this morning–like any little thing, as long as it’s to do with Christmas, will bring tears to my eyes.

We’ve had nothing but really foul weather since before Christmas–haven’t seen the sun in over a week.


But enough of this. Here’s The Holly and the Ivy, an ancient Christmas carol here sung by Mediaeval Baebes.

4 comments on “‘The Holly and the Ivy’

  1. Glad you are better! The COVID news keeps getting better too: the bellwether was the NFL revising their isolation protocols. Then the CDC revised theirs, in a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. And as of December 31, the PCR test is no longer considered valid (since it never distinguished between flu and COVID). And Lena Wen came out with the news that cloth masks are just facial decorations. To top it off, Fauci is now downplaying child COVID hospitalizations as being “with COVID” rather than due to COVID. Looking forward to watching the truth continue to triumph over all the lies.

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