Is It ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Time Again?

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Don’t get them all stirred up again.

You’d think a president of France–even a lame, babbling fat-head like Emanuel Macron–would be leery of stirring up the French to civil strife. Because when the French do civil strife, they do it all the way.

Blaming every trouble in the country on those millions of French citizens who have not yet been “vaccinated,” and with Election Day just a couple of months away, Macron has vowed to “make life miserable” for the unvaccinated ( We quote him: “I really want to piss off the unvaccinated.”

Better be careful what you wish for, sunshine. You could be headed for the guillotine.

Macron says the unvaccinated “are not citizens” and that they should be burdened by the government until they finally comply. And of course, and as usual, his supporters claim to have received death threats. There are always death threats. Never so much as a punch in the nose is actually delivered, but we are asked to believe that the little apparatchiks in the government are putting their lives on the line for us.

Honk if you believe that.

Meanwhile here in America, leftids are wondering why SloJo Biden isn’t doing more to “scold” the unvaccinated. The president as public scold…

…In the age of government gone mad.


19 comments on “Is It ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Time Again?

    1. Oh, no! You musta heared it wrong! Omicron is the Scythe, we’re all gonna die… unless we give the government lots and lots more power!

  1. My best friend, her husband, and at least one of her sons seem to have had the Omicron Plague this past week — the husband very mild, the son mild but with night sweats, and only my friend with serious body aches. All are up and about now, and when I talked to my friend last night, she was making turkey soup with leftover Christmas turkey bones. We were actually celebrating: “Yay! You finally got the covid and now you have natural immunity!” Of course, being sick is normally nothing to celebrate. The celebration was that the Boogieman came out from under the bed and got killed with a fly swatter.

    Sure, we’ll probably all get a form of covid eventually. We’ve all gotten colds and flu during various flu seasons, too. But back in those days, we had doctors whose objective was to cure us, and medicines were available to make that happen — except for the common cold, for which there still isn’t any cure except homemade chicken soup.

    1. We’ve been wondering if what we’ve got is the dreaded Omicron, from which I’ve already begun to recover. The symptoms sure sound like it.

    2. That fatigue you experienced sure sounds like it. I’m pretty sure I had it, a while back. Coughing, sneezing and fatigue, but it lasted a very short time. As infectious diseases go, it was hardly worth getting worked up over.

    3. True, it is bad enough, but at least it’s not disruptive to the degree that the earlier variants were. While I never bought into the hoopla, there obviously was something out there that had the power to kill. At least 7 people of my acquaintance died from it, including two family members.

      I had the symptoms of Omicron, and definitely experienced fatigue, but the acute phase was very short-lived. In the last 4-5 years, it is the only time I’ve felt sick, but it was mild. I’ve had head colds that were much worse.

    4. Omicron is really a blessing in disguise. It’s very contagious but very mild. It is displacing the more virulent variants while giving people natural immunity. In the end, Covid is going to be treated like the flu or the common cold.

    5. I agree. This could signal the end of this as a problem and, in the end, the amazing immune system our Maker built into the human race saves the day.

  2. If there is one thing that has been obvious throughout this Covid-19 pandemic is that masks and vaccines do not work – natural immunity is the best deterrent. Omicron is a mild variant so let everyone without natural immunity get it and be done with this pandemic once and for all.

    1. I’m pretty certain that is exactly how this will end. This was a terrible disease that took many lives, but in the overall picture, it was short-lived and had far less impact than something like the Spanish Influenza. I’m not without compassion, I lost two family members to it and several others were adversely affected, but in the greater context of history, it’s a tiny blip on the charts.

      My take on this, or any, communicable disease is that the ultimate defensive weapon is our immune system. Any infectious disease comes down to a race between the infection, which is trying to overtake the host organism, and the immune system of that host, which is marshaling its every resource to prevent the disease from taking over. The idea of vaccines is to give your immune system a head start in fighting the disease. Concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines for COVID 19 strike me as having validity, but I’m not concerned that these vaccines will cause some sort of mass die-off in the future.

      Diseases are opportunistic. They infect at any opportunity and, tragically, kill the vulnerable. After the first wave, diseases may come back in mutated form, but they usually mutate towards the less lethal, because diseases which are too efficient in killing their hosts reduce their opportunity to be transmitted. (The dead don’t move around in society, so they are less efficient in spreading disease than the living. Likewise, seriously I’ll people don’t move about as much as people with mild symptoms, so once again, variants which make people less sick are more efficient in spreading.) I wouldn’t claim to know to a certainty, but it appears that this disease is burning out.

  3. P.S. The testing swabs being used to detect Covid are made in China and are useless. The News should be running an account of how many false positives are taking place – good luck with that.

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