You Still Like Public School?

I can’t believe we pay for this bilge!

A high school in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been compelling kids to play “privilege bingo”–an exercise in self-flagellation (

Yowsah, yowsah: this’ll help children “self-identify their privilege.”

Like, if your parents are married, or you’re a Christian, or in any other way partake of middle-class America… well, boo-hiss-boo to you! Can’t you see how monumentally unfair it is for you to have those advantages? The very least you can do, if you’re born white, is hate yourself!

They also attacked military families, of which there are quite a few in Fairfax County, but backed off when there was a public backlash.

Look, folks–do you really, truly want these people “educating” your children? What is the point of such asinine evil-minded “lessons,” other than to make children feel guilty and unworthy? You are paying people to do that to your children.

The only way for kids to be safe from public education is to not be in public education.

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  1. So I suppose kids are now supposed to curse the fact that they’ve been blessed? In the old days, we were told to give thanks for our blessings and help others be blessed.

    Which makes me think it’s time for another hymn request for “Too Close to the Mirror.”

    1. Let me save that for tomorrow. Falling asleep, late for my chores…
      You’re supposed to feel so guilty about your “privilege” that you’ll let Democrats wreck the country.

  2. Yes, I am privileged, but I attribute that to hard work, and a loving God. I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I’ve known times of real struggle. I can’t say that I’ve ever worried about food, but I can remember living on cheap stuff, like Ramen noodles and turkey hot dogs.

    Looking at that bingo card, I tick every box, except for never having been racially profiled and feeling represented in the media. As to the media, they do not represent me in any way, shape or form, because they have become adversarial to anyone that doesn’t play the victim card. As to racial profiling, I’ve been there because of having worked as a civil servant in a community where I was a racial minority. While almost all of the people there treated me well, there were some unfortunate exceptions, including a police officer that was definitely profiling me by race. I saw this happen to others, as well. Comfortable around police? Well, if they are honest cops, no worries.

    But I survived and I am richer for the experience. One thing I have learned is how to turn a bad situation into a good situation, and how to disarm unfriendly behavior with a positive result. We will never win everyone over; no one can. But we can win over a lot of people, just by smiling and responding in a friendly way. Even when this fails, we can come away from such a situation feeling good about our part in what happened.

    There are definitely people that treat those of other racial origins badly. I’ve seen this myself, with my own eyes. I strive to treat all people well and that’s all I can do.

    1. The worst calamity that could ever befall the Democrat Party would be an end to racial strife. It’s mother’s milk to them. That’s why they do everything in their power to feed it.

    2. If you go back to the roots of the Democratic Party, it has a lot to answer for, starting with Andrew Jackson’s treatment of the American Indians. For years, some Native American people wouldn’t carry a 20 dollar bill because of what Jackson did to their people. He’s hardly a hero in their world, to this day.

      The Dems torpedoed Reconstruction and set back progress in the South and made things worse for the former slaves that had been liberated. It is alleged that when the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964 Johnson quietly commented that this would keep blacks voting for them (the Dems) for 200 years, but he used used a much less respectful term than “blacks”.

      I’ve had friends of various races since childhood, and I’ve always found much more in common with these friends than not. People tend to want the same things, no matter what their background. All people want to be accepted for who they are and to have their individuality respected. This is true of me, and I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met that this was not true of.

      No one should be denied opportunity because of their ethnic/racial origin, and sadly, this still happens, but it is far less common than it was in the past. In my working life, I routinely deal with people from every continent and in most cases, these interactions have been positive and enjoyable. If we look for commonality with people, it is usually there to be found. We can’t solve all of fallen mankind’s problems, but we can make things better. This is nothing profound, it’s just dealing with humans effectively and works on the same principle, whether we’re dealing with our next door neighbor or someone from half a world away. The Dems don’t seem to approve, but that’s their failing.

    3. When the Democrat Party was found, John Quincy Adams predicted that it would never have anything to offer but demagoguery and cynical manipulation of the ignorant.
      Hit the bullseye, didn’t he?

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