Just a Few (Ahem!) Questions

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Columbo always used to ask about “just one more thing.” I have several things to ask about today.

Just askin’, ma’am.

*Did I mis-hear an ad on the radio for a retirement community called “Mendicant Village”? Do you become a mendicant before or after you go there?

*The more they yap about “income inequality” and redistributing the wealth, those wonderful global elites, the richer they themselves get. How does that happen? How is it that they’re all so fabulously wealthy?

*When will governments give up the special powers they’ve grabbed during the reign of King COVID?

*Is anybody still making movies?

*Why do we still have public education?

If any of you out there know any of the answers, you’re welcome to post them here.


3 comments on “Just a Few (Ahem!) Questions

  1. The mail outs ballots that gave fraudulent biden the victory in Pennsylvania have been declared unconstitutional by the PA court. Dinesh D’Souza is coming out with a documentary about the voter fraud that took place in the November 2020 elections called “2000 Mules” – there are videos showing how voter ballot boxes were stuffed for biden. The Holy Spirit is the One Who reveals the Truth, but His timetable is not ours.

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