‘As the Blob Consumes Our Civilization…’ (2015)

Civilizations can die. They can be killed. Listen long enough to the wrong people, and you wind up scrabbling among the ruins.

Wait a minute! We have people killing our civilization! A great big blob-full of them.

As The Blob Consumes Our Civilization…

The all-destroying blob we have dubbed “Woke.” It’s killing us.

But there’s one good sign: CNN is turning into a hooji-booji pit, falling to pieces from within. Their viewership is 90% gone and they’re turning on each other.

Anything we can do to speed it along, do it.

It’s a big, big blob–nooze media, public “education,” Hollywood, and big corporations who’ve turned against normal people because they’re afraid of Far Left Crazy.

Still, gotta start somewhere. May God forgive our sins and lack of love… and fight for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Here is a song request: The Saviour is Waiting by Carroll Roberson. This is the message we should be sharing wherever and whenever we can. I know it is not the stained glass and organ music type hymn, but it is very relevant in our time.

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