‘Truth Lies A-Bleeding’ (2018)

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King David

Has anything done more harm to our civilization than post-modernism? The wholesale repudiation of truth itself, brewed up in our colleges and looniversities–and their favorite target is the Bible, God’s word.

Truth Lies A-Bleeding

So for these hypocrites there was never a historical Israel or Judah, no King David, no Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem–the whole Bible nothing but a fiction. They do not explain why the monuments and archives of ancient Assyria and Babylon describe abundant dealings with the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Evidence means nothing to a “Biblical minimalist.”

The whole thing smells of fire and brimstone, doesn’t it?

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  1. Archaeological discoveries in Israel certainly do not support this, and there are new discoveries happening on an ongoing basis. David has been proven to be a historical figure by these discoveries, for example. Israel is an essential element of God’s plan to save mankind. The Bible does not record the history of most of the world, but is centered upon the history of Israel, because the promise given to Abraham was that his seed would prove to be a blessing for all the world.

    As we look upon world events, the situation foretold in Ezekiel 38 & 39 seems to be shaping before our eyes, with an alliance involving the nations foretold to invade Israel in alignment and other Arab nations forming alliances with Israel. Over 60 times, in the book of Ezekiel, it states that the nations will have to know the True God. He will make Himself known by standing up for Israel when the alliance known as Gog of Magog attacks. Things may become quite interesting in the near-term future.

  2. I was taught all this fiction in my college Hebrew Bible class. On the Greg Guttfeld Show last night one of his guests was Marianne Williamson. She spouted her hyper-liberalism about the downtrodden, uneducated and how it is more government assistance is needed. The conservative comedian guest ripped her up one side and the other, especially about the child abuse of making children wear masks at school.

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