‘Trump Kids Ripped for Shooting Dinosaurs’ (2018)

People think Steven Spielberg killed a Triceratops

The original image, with Steven Spielberg. Not real, scholars. Honest.

You hear so much bilge about “our democracy” these days, and how EVERYBODY should be voting.

But I’d rather people didn’t vote, if they thought you could go around shooting dinosaurs.

Trump Kids Ripped for Shooting Dinosaurs

Oh, that public education! Can’t even teach that dinosaurs aren’t with us anymore. What do you want to be that every single ignoramus in this Mark Dice video has a college degree.

In what, don’t ask.


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  1. Our entire society has become a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. No one wants to risk pointing out the obvious. I’d say more, but there’s another #&$&!! Triceratops in my yard again, and I have to chase it out. They are a real nuisance. 🙂

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