‘Should We Question Authority?’

You might find very interesting this “Out of the Question” podcast by Andrea Schwartz and Charles Roberts.


“Should We Question Authority?” It’s not as easy a question as it looks. No man can serve two masters; but each of us is mobbed by many masters, each demanding our obedience. Each one of them claims “authority.” Politics, ideology, science, “reason,” the need to go along to get along–we could spend all day listing them.

So first we have to decide which “authority” has real authority, and not just an opinion. If we are Christians, God’s enscriptured word is the authority, inerrant, infallible, holy, righteous, and good. As for the others, “You have to ask, Are these ordained authorities?” Andrea says. Are they conformable to God’s word?

Because if you don’t have that standard, Charles says, confusion reigns: “Tune into the latest news broadcast to find out what I believe today.”

I think we’ve all noticed that going on!

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  1. As God’s children and having been sealed by the Holy Spirit we have authority in this world to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. As we each do our part the Body of Christ grows in love and spiritual powere.

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