They Keep Wanting Us to Eat Bugs

What Are The Most Important Pros And Cons Of Eating Insects?

I don’t want to gross you out, but the post demanded a picture. Trust me–others are a lot more disgusting than this one.

The New York Times is pushing a video called The Joy of Cooking (Insects), which exhorts all us deplorables to eat bugs… To Save The Planet! (

Well, imaginary Climbit Chains is a serious threat in the minds of a lot of frivolous people. We can fight it by eating bugs.

Tell ya what, sunshine. First you show me Obama, Pelosi, and John Kerry chowing down on some nice juicy fly-burgers, then we’ll talk.

I really think the global elites want normal people to eat bugs so they can laugh at us behind our backs. “Look at those stupid peasants! Look what we got ’em to do!”

Let’s see the big shots do it first.

4 comments on “They Keep Wanting Us to Eat Bugs

  1. I wouldn’t consider doing anything they want. I try to obey the instructions in Scripture, and that is the only “authority” I make any attempt to follow.

  2. I’m with you, Lee. Let them put their actions where their mouth is. There is one of the MSM female host who ate crickets live on her show recently and jokes have been made of her ever since. Romans 12 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds – by the written Word of God, not by what settled science is currently spouting.

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