‘ESPN Erases Baseball History’ (2016)


Look at this: six years and more we’ve spent, canceling out our freedom, rebelling against plain truth, shaming ourselves in the eyes of our posterity–if we even get to have a posterity–and all for the sake of pushing and promoting the inane and totally false assertion that you can change your sex.

So they blot dissenting voices not just out of the social media, but even out of history. Even out of something as trivial as sports history.

ESPN Erases Baseball History

Can you believe we’ve been enduring this for six years, seven, or more? What’s the matter with us? And other benighted Western countries have “transgender” movements, too. It’s mega-big business!

Is this how a civilization dies?

5 comments on “‘ESPN Erases Baseball History’ (2016)

  1. All of this reminds me of the biblical passage which states that one will not be able to buy and sell if they don’t have the mark of the beast. If you speak out regarding any of the popular causes, you end up cancelled.

  2. Even the Harry Potter author who was celebrated for years is now on the Cancel List for sticking up for biological truth. Think of all the money that has been made from doing abortions, and then imagine how salivating surgeons who do transgender operations must be as dollar signs dance in their eyes.

    1. I once read the account of a doctor that performed thousands of abortions for years, but then changed his point of view. He and his wife were unable to have children, so they adopted a child. Then, that child died and suddenly this doctor changed his view regarding the value of a fetus. It’s interesting that some of the people most adamantly opposed to abortion were medical professionals who worked performing abortions.

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