‘Where Do Idiots Come From?’ (2018)

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This was written before we all saw–to our horror–just how many idiots can be jammed into a single presidential administration. But it shouldn’t have surprised us.

Where Do Idiots Come From?

They are generated by our so-called education system, by our degraded popular culture, by politicians, noozies, “teachers,” and a multitude of mountebanks.

We’ve been stocking up on idiots for many years now, and someday that bill is going to come due. Maybe it already has…

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  1. The biggest problem (besides Satan and his fallen angels) is the money of the billionaires – they buy people up like indentured servants. For the super rich to give a group a million dollars to do their bidding is peanuts. To be appointed to the highest positions in governments requires the elites anointing. Ever wonder how an unknown governor from Arkansas or an unknown senator from Illinois became President? They were hand-picked.

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