The Latest Public School Outrage

Who is Indoctrinating Your Children?

Pubic education (let the typo stand) seems to be good for at least one new outrage a day. Here’s one from Eau Claire, Wisconsin: the headline says it all, don’t it ( “Parents ‘not entitled’ to know kids’ gender identity, school district says”.


See, “Our priority is supporting the student,” says the gasbag speaking for the school district.” As for parents, “If their child should decide to change their [should be “his” or “her”–note the lousy grammar] gender identity at school…”

Well, then! School officials have no alternative but to deceive the child’s parents! That’s because normal parents who don’t want perverted pedagogues indoctrinating their kiddies–well, they just haven’t “earned” the school district’s trust.

Gee. Do you think it might just be possible that eventually parents will, um, notice something a bit peculiar going on with their son or daughter? Think they might someday put two and two together?

But by then it might be too late.

This is profoundly evil. It comes to us from the depths of Hell. We cannot and must not tolerate it.

Homeschooling, homeschooling neighborhood co-ops, Christian school–practically anything is better than leaving children to the bizarre ambitions of Far Left teachers’ unions.

This has to stop. The American people must put a stop to it.

3 comments on “The Latest Public School Outrage

  1. Strange how they think the people paying their salaries, etc are not entitled to know what goes on. When their stuff stops being paid for, wonder what then? Maybe they can get jobs at McDonalds or Walmart? I doubt they are qualified for those jobs either

  2. I thought rap music was a fad. I thought tattoos were a fad. I thought dying your hair all kinds of colors was a fad. I was hoping transgenderism would be a fad. Looks like I am not a very good thinker – or maybe just a hopeless optimist.

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