‘The Leftids’ War on Christianity’ (2018)

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Do you ever get the feeling that all of this horrible nooze we live with is only a horrible dream? And that all you have to do is wake up, and none of it will have happened?

The Leftids’ War on Christianity

A condo building in Florida–so much for that Red & Blue state stuff!–a few years ago banned Christian music, banned people getting together to listen to it, or to share Bible study, or to pray… Can you imagine the explosion, the eruption, if they banned rap “music”? But of course they had to persecute the Christians–because some atheist “complained.”

Why do we let these things be done? And no, I don’t know why.

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  1. Because Christians are not longer taught we are in a spiritual warfare while in this fallen world, and we are to clothe ourselves daily with the armor of God and fight as good soldiers as we make warfare. The church went passive and the enemies of Christ took over.

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