My Newswithviews Column, March 24 (Without My Headline, ‘Culture Bombs’)

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Are your kids still in public school? Why?

Yippee! Teacher masturbating in front of class! Twice!

Yee-ha! Children’s hospital teaching little boys to “tuck” their private parts “out of the way” so it looks like they don’t have ’em!

A New Low: A Substitute Teacher Masturbating in Front of Class

Now I’m wondering if there’s too much damage done to our culture, ever to repair it. We wanted to live and let live, so years ago we eased up on sexual deviants. Now they’re telling us what to do–and you’re in hot water if you don’t Obey the Gay.

We have no hope of saving ourselves unless we do away with public “education.”

And just for the record: Every damnable bit of that culture-bombing has been done with the enthusiastic support of the Democrat Party.

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  1. I read the article earlier this morning. I was especially taken with this paragraph: “What do they have to do, to wake us up? Eat the children? How many would they have to consume in a week before the American people got rid of public education?”

    Alas, alas, by this time I think if they started eating the children an activist group would start moaning that anyone who objected was an anthropophagophobe. And the parents who were cowed into muzzling their children and shooting them full of experimental drugs would help throw the children into the cooking pot.

    Jonathan Swift, eat your heart out — oops, no pun intended.

    1. Some of the stuff I used to hear said in the faculty lounge–e.g. “If only we could shoot one of ’em each week…”

  2. Some of this goes beyond imagination. It’s one thing to allow people to behave as they see fit in their private lives, but quite another when it comes to public behavior and when children are involved, people should be on their best behavior. When I was in school, teachers never used profanity in front of students or smoked in front of students, not to mention anything more revealing. I think that the schools were lacking in my day, but by comparison to today, they were impressive.

    1. Dear old Mr. Garrett, my 8th grade home room teacher, smoked a pipe. He kept it in his jacket pocket. One day he was yelling at us for some infraction (we liked to tease him), his jacket hanging from a hook on the blackboard, behind him. So he couldn’t see that his pipe was not quite out when he put it back into his pocket, and his jacket was slowly catching fire, we all saw the smoke. We tried to alert him to the problem, but I guess he thought we were just exasperating him again. By the time he turned around, the jacket was wrecked. But at least he put out the fire.

  3. The game plan is to get us to go along with lies that we know are lies. S.C. nominee Jackson is asked to define the word woman and she can’t – and this woman is to sit in a position of power to interpret the Constitution. A pox upon every senator who votes to confirm her.

  4. There were a number of “new” lows in your column. Someone who does that out in the open, in front of a room full of students, should never see the light of day. Place him/her behind steel bars, and then weld them shut, or hang them.

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