Comment Contest Prize (Maybe?)

Mind Stealer by Lee Duigon | Goodreads

We do have a comment contest going, with just a little more than 500 comments to go to reach 85,000.

How do you like this as a comment contest prize? A mint-condition cover (front and back) of my ancient horror novel, Mind Stealer–autographed, of course. It features back cover copy written by someone who obviously never read the book and whose description of it bears but little resemblance to the contents. That’s big-time New York publishing for you.

Anyway, if you win, you can request it as a prize.

Byron the Quokka wants to give away a bicycle, but I’m not listening.

5 comments on “Comment Contest Prize (Maybe?)

  1. Would it include your own summary of the plot to counteract the blurb from the reviewer who never read it? That would be (as the kiddies say) awesome. 🙂

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