‘Math Lesson + Political Indoctrination = Foolishness’ (Chalcedon, 2013)

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Look at this: nine years ago, our “public education” establishment was already indoctrinating children into the wonderful world of socialism.


Never mind those pesky questions about where the money came from, or how it was acquired–“redistributing wealth” will make you happy! Especially if it’s other people’s wealth.

Now it’s worse. Now they indoctrinate children into racial guilt, fear, and racial hatred. That’s what “Critical Race Theory” is all about–and how our public “educators” love it!

For years we let them do this. Now we hope this is about to change. Thanks to King COVID, which kept kids home from school and subjected them to “remote learning” via their computers, many parents have found out what is actually taught in the schools they have to pay for with their taxes. The initial result was a four-fold increase in homeschooling families–not enough, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Get rid of public education before it gets rid of our country.

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