Don’t Forget the Comment Contest


This blurry picture doesn’t begin to do justice to this glamorous T-shirt you can claim as a prize if you win our current comment contest. We’re shooting for 85,000, with less than 500 comments to go.

Oh, the prizes!  You can win the shirt. Or an autographed copy of one of my books. Or an autographed cover of my 1990 horror novel, Mind Stealer. Or even, if none of the foregoing appeal to you, a little bag of plastic army men.

The legend on the shirt says, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.” Hey, the guy who owns our neighborhood health food store, he wears one!

All comments are eligible except for nasty or inane ones.

(Hardly anybody here this morning; so let’s get chattering!)

8 comments on “Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

  1. No bicycle? (Hee hee, just kidding!) I was hoping for the novel cover, but the bag of plastic army men sounds like fun — as long as Iggy doesn’t try to eat them.

    1. Our cat Henry was very naughty in that respect. He always tried to steal the baserunners from my Strat-O-Matic game.

  2. I’ve been up since 4:20AM, but busy since then. I’ll have more time to comment in a little while. I’m aiming for one of your books; if I should be so lucky as to win the contest.

  3. Well, little army men would be OK, since I have two little great grandsons whom I am sure would love them.

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