Bonus Critter Video: Guinea Pig Drive

What if Rawhide had been about herding guinea pigs instead of cattle? I guess the guys couldn’t’ve called themselves cowboys. They’d have to be pigboys.

For those of you who missed the Bronze Age, Rawhide was about cowboys herding cattle across the western plains, and all the adventures they had incidental to their dull and grueling job. Even a run-in with Druids!

Anyhow, here are guinea pigs chasing a human and then running past him–he’s gonna need a lasso. Maybe there are Druids in the house. That would explain it.

3 comments on “Bonus Critter Video: Guinea Pig Drive

  1. I liked the program. How did that song go…

    Don’t try to understand um,
    just kick and rope and brand um
    My girl be waithin’ at the end of my ride.

    R…a….w….h……i………..d……………….eeeeeeeeeee . The singer kept that last note of that word going for five or ten minutes. I can still hear it ringing in my ears.

    Well, something like that

    1. Rawhide’s calculatin’/ my true love will be waitin’/ be waitin’ at the end of my ride.

      Was it Frankie Laine who sang that?

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